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Garbage Man Requirements

There are some specific requirements to become a garbage man. The largest requirement that can be the most difficult to obtain is acquiring your CDL. We talk more about how to obtain a CDL on our other pages and there you can find more information on how to most effectively obtain your CDL.  Most large companies also require at least a GED or equivalent.

Along with having a current driver’s license with a CDL endorsement on it, there is a lot of regulation in regards to your driving habits. Any type of alcohol use while driving a company vehicle or your personal vehicle will normally result in the termination of your employment, as well as any other type of moving violation will put you in a position where your driving record will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Strength is a requirement of being a garbage man as well; being able to lift 50-100 pounds multiple times a day is a must.  You must also be able to pass a physical every two years, and you will be subjected to random drug tests.

Lastly you will normally have to go through a background check to verify that you do not have a criminal record. Some of these requirements might seem a little extreme but remember garbage men are in and out of the personal property of companies, and residential areas and the companies as well as the general population would rather have dependable and honest people coming through on a regular basis.

Garbage Man Requirements

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